A complete Euro 6 range

Proven technology and a solution for every need

24 October 2013 – Scania now offers no fewer than eleven Euro 6 diesel engines, ranging from 250 hp to 730 hp. Customers across Europe who are considering buying their first Euro 6 truck can rest assured that by choosing Scania they will get proven, reliable technology that provides cost-effective performance. Scania also offers two Euro 6 gas engines and two biodiesel engines, suitable for a variety of applications.

Scania has used its vast experience of both EGR and SCR to develop its Euro 6 engine range. The latest additions are the 13-litre, 6 cylinder 370 hp and the 16-litre, 730 V8, today’s most powerful Euro 6 truck engine (please see separate press release).

With eleven diesel engines available, every customer will find the optimal output level and engine characteristics for demanding applications, without compromising driveability or fuel economy.

Another flexible feature is that the gas engines, 280 or 340 hp, can be adapted to run on either CNG (compressed natural gas), LNG (liquefied natural gas) or biogas, making them very adaptable to local fuel availability. Thanks to their for gas engines exceptional torque, are they very flexible. Scania customers can now harvest all the efforts and investments made in Euro 6 from Scania’s side.

One of the latest additions to Scania’s Euro 6 engine range is the robust 370 inline six. It is characterised by its high torque, delivering impressive 1,900 Nm already from 1,000 r/min. This torque vs. power rate come handy in applications where for instance loads not always are on the heavy side but will appear occasionally, or when a truck has to do a lot of start and stop.

Source: www.scania.com