Comparison of the effects of rapeseed oil, olive oil and hydrogenated plant oil on postprandial lipids and fatty acid oxidation

Olive and rapeseed oil are both considered beneficial for lipid metabolism because of their high content of monounsaturated fatty acids. In this analysis were compared postprandial lipid metabolism after test meals with these plant oils including hydrogenated plant oil as a reference. Please download the detailed report here.

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Interested in real taste? Recipes with rapeseed oil!

Yellow is happiness. The bright rape flower in May happily anticipates summer and is a clue to the enjoyment that it conceals. Especially high-quality edible oils are gained from the dark brown seeds. Enjoy the colour yellow in all of its forms. Fine rapeseed oil for all occasions is pale yellow, tasteless and odourless, and therefore very versatile, even when things get hot in the kitchen. Whether for boiling, steaming, deep or shallow frying, fine rapeseed oil delicately underscores the aromas of the fresh ingredients. Cold-pressed rapeseed oil specialities are refined: honey yellow with a distinct nutty aroma for a starring role in cold cuisine. This gently produced rapeseed oil gives a subtle pep to salad dressings, dips and marinades. In German kitchens, rapeseed oil has usually remained anonymous under the general designation "vegetable oil", but quality from Germany has a name, and tastes good too. That is why vegetable oils made from rapeseed are proclaimed more and more often. If you are interested in cooking with rapeseed oil you can try out the recipes in the booklet that can be downloaded here.

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Rapeseed Oil – a life of Fun and Enyoiment

This UFOP booklet you can download here was written for all who must or wish to take care of their cardiovascular system. Correct nutrition is an important aspect of this and can help to keep the cholesterol level balanced and to protect the arteries against encrustation. The so-called "Crete diet" has proved to be a particularly effective form of protection.

What makes the Crete diet work and what effects it can have are described in this booklet by two renowned experts on healthy nutrition. Like all things in life, everything begins with the theory. Prof. Robert Gasser, an internationally very well-known heart specialist at the Medical Universtity Clinic of Graz, presents the scientific foundation of the Crete diet in an easily understandable and coherent manner. The tasty flavours of the Crete diet are proven by Johann Lafer, the starawarded chef seen on television, in the second part of this booklet. His remarkable recipes can be easily repeated by anybody and arouse an appetite for more – more of the Crete diet. This brochure therefore contains examples of diet plans for a whole week, showing how easy it is to put the Crete diet into practice in dayto- day life.

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Effects of Dietary Vitamin E from Rapeseed Oil on Gene

Expression in Brain and Liver of Rats Dissertation

Epidemiological studies associated the intake of vitamin E-rich foods, but not of vitamin E supplements, with significant risk reductions for neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and other lifestyle related diseases. The underlying mechanisms were suggested to include the reduction of oxidative stress as well as the modulation of the expression of disease-relevant genes by the antioxidant. Rapeseed oil is a particularly rich source of natural vitamin E (VE) and considered to be of great nutritional value because of its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and the polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid α-linolenic acid.