Information about the conversion of the biofuel promotion from an energy quota to a greenhouse gas quota starting in 2015

In the amendment to the law for promoting biofuels dated July 15, 2009 (Federal Gazette I p. 1804), the German Bundestag already stated that the energy-related biofuel quota would be converted to a greenhouse gas quota starting in 2015. The 12th amendment to the Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetzes (Federal Emissions Protection Act) dated November 20, 2014 (Federal Gazette I p. 1740) also includes a number of new provisions for ensuring proper implementation of the greenhouse gas quota. This pamphlet explains practical frequently asked questions regarding calculating the greenhouse gas quota, so-called penalties, quota trading, handling excess quantities and the quota registration process. It should ease the transition to the new statutory framework conditions for companies in the mineral oil and biofuel sectors obligated to fulfil quotas.

Download paper here.