10th Conference on Biofuels “Fuels of the Future”

The participants of the 10th Conference on Biofuels “Fuels of the Future” will meet at Berlin’s International Congress Centre on 21 and 22 January 2013. Germany’s next federal election will be held in September 2013 and lead to new government constellations with a different political orientation. During the BBE / UFOP Conference we expect representatives of the parliamentary groups to give answers to some of the pressing questions on the future development of the biofuel market:

  • Has politics given up the targets fixed in the coalition treaty (e.g. the pure biofuels market) or can concrete steps still be expected in the current legislative period or under the political constellation of the newly elected Bundestag?
  • Do the present targets and objectives provide the industry with planning security?
  • Will the quota system be replaced with GHG-based regulations in the foreseeable future?
  • Why are policy-makers not responding to Germany’s pioneer role in sustainable biofuel production?
  • What consequences emerge for Germany’s government from the current ILUC debate?
  • What is the role of the new mobility and fuel strategy in the election programs of the parliamentary groups?
  • What is the Government’s perspective on the further development of “second-generation fuels”, what approaches should be encouraged by policy?
  • What perspective do the parliamentary groups hold on the biofuel “biomethane” in transportation?

On the basis of a high-profile conference program, we hope that further insights and impulses will come from science and the representatives of the vegetable oil, bioethanol and biodiesel sectors to help strengthen and support the biofuels market as a whole. And, of course, as in the past years, the visitors will have lots of opportunities to exchange opinions and experience, in particular, during the evening reception, which will be held at the “nature.tec – exhibition for bioenergy and primary raw materials” on the first conference day, as part of the Green Week.

Please find further information, program and registration forms here.