Biodiesel 2016/2017 - Report on Progress and Future Prospects

Excerpt from the UFOP Annual Report

Cover UFOP-Report Biodiesel 2016-2017.jpgThe assessment report provides information on the most important aspects of the national and European biofuel policy and the biodiesel markets. It is an excerpt from the UFOP business report 2016/2017 and includes the chapters “Biodiesel and Co.”, the report of the UFOP expert commission “Biofuels and Renewable Resources” as well as current national and European biofuel statistics.

In the chapter “Biodiesel and Co.”, the expected measures for reforming the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) in the transport sector within the context of the EU Winter Package are presented and the national prospects for biofuels and rapeseed cultivation deriving from this are discussed. In addition, proposals for revising the RED II as well as a national policy are submitted taking into account fuels made from cultivated biomass.

In a further focus area, the report provides information on the activity of the UFOP expert commission “Biofuels and Renewable Resources” and, in connection with this, on project proposals supported by UFOP. The statistical annex, with 16 tables, presents current figures on basic raw materials, production, trade and consumption of biodiesel and/or biofuels.

Please download the report here (2,4 MB).