DEUTZ updates Technical Circular for fuels and biofuels

Berlin, 31 August 2021 - Deutz AG has updated the Technical Circular for the use of diesel or biodiesel in DEUTZ engines. On 36 pages, comprehensive information is provided on all conditions to be observed for the use of diesel fuel (B7), B20 / B30 and biodiesel as pure fuel (B100). The approvals for the use of biodiesel are differentiated according to the respective exhaust emission level in the USA (US EPA Tier III to Tier 4) and the European Union (EU Tier III to Tier V) and the respective quality standard for biodiesel (ASTM D6751 or EN 14214).  

The circular provides a very detailed overview of the approvals for the respective DEUTZ engines, including the specifications to be observed for lubricating oil change intervals, replacement of fuel-carrying components (elastomers) if necessary, downtimes, measures (additivation) to improve oxidation stability. The option of using vegetable oil fuel is also taken into account and information is provided on fuel quality requirements, storage of rapeseed oil fuel, miscibility with other vegetable oils, etc. 

The circular is supplemented by information on the subject of "biological impurities in fuels", tank system maintenance, EU fuel labelling, detailed presentation of the respective fuel specifications and, in this connection, general explanations of the quality parameters.

The Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants (UFOP) welcomes this comprehensive information from DEUTZ AG, because as a result of the implementation of the German Climate Protection Act and the increased time pressure to decarbonise the existing fleet in agriculture and forestry by 2030, the use of biofuels is an immediately effective climate protection measure that can be precisely quantified as a result of sustainability certification.
The Technical Circular is available for download here.