Fuels Of The Future 2021: Biodiesel - Research Ensures Continuing Market Presence

18th International Conference discusses the need for research

Berlin, November 29, 2020: The impact of the combustion engine, the backbone of mobility, on the environment and climate must be mitigated. Emissions produced by these engines and the virtually unrestrained global use of fossil resources for mobility trigger international criticism in the light of climate change. In the European Union, biodiesel is the most important low-greenhouse-gas fuel for defossilisation of existing fleets through utilisation of existing infrastructure.

This is precisely why biodiesel as a blend component must rise to future challenges for fuel mix diversification, as well as satisfying increasingly stringent requirements in emissions legislation and thus for engine technology. Against this backdrop, the biodiesel industry is under pressure to act and contribute to shaping this development process. The 18th International Conference on Renewable Mobility will therefore once again focus on fuel system research, for the success of accompanying research will decisively determine the future for biodiesel, making it an investment that safeguards the biodiesel sector’s ongoing role. The main topic in this section “Biodiesel - Research Secures Continuing Market Presence” highlights the need for the discussion scheduled after the presentations:

Biodiesel as an integral component of future-oriented diesel fuels;
Martin Unglert, Coburg University of Applied Sciences;

Digital fuel twins – Options for climate protection,
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schulte, Future Energy Institute (iFE), TH OWL;

Ageing products in middle distillates containing FAME as blend components,
Dr. Klaus Lucka, TEC4Fuels;  

15 years of UFOP project funding – Presentation of selected results,
Dieter Bockey, UFOP;

Moderation: Professor Dr. Jürgen Krahl, President of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts (TH OWL)

The complete programme, information on registration and the exhibitor forum can be found at: www.fuels-of-the-future.com/en