International Biofuels Trade - Block 5: Parallel Forum B

Fuels of the Future 2020

Berlin, November 18th - At the 17th "Fuels of the Future" International Conference on Renewable Mobility in Berlin on 20th and 21st January 2020, numerous parallel forums will address the technical and economic requirements for future drive systems for automobiles, aviation and shipping. A further focus is worldwide biofuel and agricultural commodities trade, which will be tackled in a parallel forum with experts from Brazil, Germany and Great Britain on the second conference day, 21st January 2020.

The programme for the "International Biofuels Trade" Forum on 21st January 2020 from 11.30: 

Offsetting renewable fuels against CO2 fleet limits and possible effects on the biofuel (and PtX) market
Wolf-Dietrich Kindt, German Biofuels Industry Association (VDB), opens the parallel forum with a presentation and analysis of the potential consequences of the new EU requirements for CO2 fleet limits on the market for renewable fuels in Europe.

Biofuels at the centre of energy and ecological efficiency in mobility - the example of Renova-Bio in Brazil
In his presentation, Dr. Plinio Nastari, President and CEO of DATAGRO Consulting Ltd., will discuss the implications of the Renova-Bio programme for Brazilian biofuel producers in conjunction with a global market outlook. DATAGRO is one of the world's leading consulting firms for agricultural markets and is active in 41 countries. With a team in Alphaville, Sao Paulo/Capital, Ribeirao Preto, Santos, Recife and New York, DATAGRO advises companies through market analysis and advice on investments in production and logistics in the areas of sugar, ethanol and other agricultural activities. 

Biodiesel and bioethanol from Asia: Changes in supply means and routes?
In their presentation, Clare Pennington and Samantha Wrigth, ICIS, analyse the ups and downs of supply and demand in the Asian biofuel market and the effects on European trade. ICIS is one of the world's leading providers of information on the international petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets. Special attention will be given to the adaptation of the European market to the supply of biofuels from outside the EU in view of increasing national requirements for biofuels in Europe. 

Developments in world market prices for agricultural commodities - stable or fluctuating?
Chrysa Glystra of S & P Global Platts will consider prices and consumption of agricultural commodities for bioethanol and biodiesel worldwide and their dependence on particular factors. At the same time, she will look at the outlook on the world market for agricultural commodities in 2020.

On the second conference day, eleven other forums will explore a broad spectrum of topics from all areas of renewable energies in the mobility sector: international experts will present news from technical development, research, certification, market analysis and trade flows and enter into discussions with conference participants. In addition, the exhibition stands also offer opportunities for professional exchange and networking.

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