Launch of the "Call for Papers" for the 15th International Rapeseed Congress 2019 in Berlin

Berlin, 6th October 2018 – Scientists can now apply to present lectures and poster contributions at the International Rapeseed Conference (IRC) from 16th to 19th June 2019 in Berlin. The Call for Papers, with its submission deadline of 31st January 2019, marks the next milestone en route to the world's largest rapeseed research conference with a simultaneously scientific and practice-oriented approach. The local conference organizer, the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants e. V. (UFOP), together with the International Advisory Group on Rapeseed Research (GCIRC), are expecting around 900 participants at bcc Berlin Congress Center.

The conference organizers invite the global research community to submit papers on a total of eight thematic nexuses that span the entire spectrum of rapeseed-related issues. It comes as no surprise that there will be a strong focus on breeding, including plant genetics and genomics as well as applied plant breeding. Rapeseed cultivation, along with the sub-topics of cultivation technology, plant diseases and plant protection, will be addressed, as well as economic issues, the environmental impact and complex evaluations of rapeseed production. In addition, the IRC conference program will also examine rapeseed for animal and human nutrition and as an energy source in the form of fuels based on rapeseed oil.

An Overview of IRC Topics:

1. Genetics, Genomics and Breeding

2. Diseases and Pests, Plant Protection and Weeds

3. Agronomy and Crop Science

4. Analysis, Use of Products

5. Rapeseed/Canola for Human Nutrition

6. Rapeseed/Canola for Animal Nutrition

7. Economy and Market

8. Mustard and other cruciferous oilseed crops.

Detailed information on these topics, further details and regulations concerning submission of papers can be found on the IRC website: