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19th International Conference on Renewable Mobility Providing impetus for the energy transition in transport


Berlin, 21 December 2021.The climate crisis and the significant increase in energy prices in all mobility sectors show that bioenergy and all other renewable energies will be important topics for the coming years. With regard to the dependency on fossil fuels, it is no longer just about climate protection, but also about more independence based on the expansion and potential increase of renewable energy sources and carriers. Physics makes the difference, so there is a need to optimise the grid-dependent and independent combination of fulfilment options for the urgently needed energy transition driven by EU targets.

This is the core theme of the 19th International Renewable Mobility Congress "Fuels of the Future 2022", which will take place in digital format from 24 to 28 January 2022. In 2030, according to the last German government, the transport sector should emit around 40 percent less CO2 than in 2020. This cannot be achieved through electromobility alone and thus alternative and climate-friendly fuels must be used in all sectors. Biodiesel, bioethanol and biomethane are very popular. New opportunities are also offered by e-fuels, which can be produced from wind, solar and bioenergy.
The opening session of the congress on 24 January will focus on the theme "Fit for 55". Here, the question will be answered as to what contribution renewable fuels can make to achieving the European climate goals. In the subsequent panel discussion, experts from business, politics and associations will focus on the role of the "Green Deal" and that of alternative fuels for the internal combustion engine of the future. The third block of topics on the opening day is dedicated to the "Effects of European climate protection legislation on the transport sector" and, among other things, examines the consequences of a possible emissions trading system for the economic viability and market ramp-up of electromobility and alternative fuels.

The digital event format enables participants to take part in all sessions of the congress. As usual, the congress will be held in two languages (German-English).
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