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Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC)

The introduction of the iLUC factors proposed by the EU Commission must be prevented. Its introduction would have fatal consequences – not just for the German and European biofuels industry! 

1. The billions of euros of investments in German and European biofuel production plants were made on the basis of trust in a reliable policy and as a contribution to climate protection and more efficient resource utilisation. These, as well as tens of thousands of jobs, would be lost! 

2. The energy transition cannot take place without biofuels. In traffic they are the only sustainable alternative currently available! 

3. iLUC factors increase the import dependence of protein foodstuffs! The growing import requirement for soy meal in particular would necessarily lead to an increased need for acreage in the countries of origin – which leads the iLUC theory into absurdity! 

4. iLUC factors are not an effective measure against illegal forest clearance overseas, but punish European farmers for methods of cultivation used in third countries! 

5. iLUC factors restrict biodiversity and crop rotation systems – sustainable land management is inconceivable without rapeseed and sunflowers, which are by far the most important leaf crops in the EU. In the EU, rapeseed and sunflowers are also the most important honey plants for bees – the most important staple diet for growing bee colonies will be taken away from them!

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