UFOP publishes progress report "Biodiesel & Co. 2021/2022"

Berlin, 16 November 2022. With the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive (2018/2001 - RED II) into national law and as a result of the trilogue procedure for the renewed amendment of the recast of this directive, which practically covers all options of alternative fuels and propulsion systems, the regulatory framework for renewable energies in the transport sector is becoming even more complex.

The status report "Biodiesel & Co 2021/2022" published by UFOP provides an overview of the current legal framework in Germany and also takes into account national initiatives for legal changes, such as the originally feared lowering of the 4.4 % cap for biofuels from cultivated biomass. This initiative of the Federal Environment Ministry is currently off the table. However, at the end of November an intensive discussion will begin on the national biomass strategy currently presented by the German government. This strategy provides for prioritising the material use of cultivated biomass.

 The report is supplemented by the promotion policy issues discussed in the "UFOP Expert Commission on Biofuels and Renewable Resources" and by a comprehensive "Biofuels Fact Check". In the text, links are provided to legal sources and further reports that allow for more in-depth reading.  The report concludes with comprehensive statistics on national and international biodiesel/HVO production and use, tables on the biofuel quota regulations legally anchored in the member states, and an excerpt of the statistics from the experience and evaluation report of the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE).

Download Progress Report "Biodiesel & Co. 2021/2022"