UFOP Publishes Report on International Biodiesel Markets

On behalf of the Union zur Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen e. V. (UFOP), Ecofys Gerrmany GmbH has compiled a report on the market development for biodiesel in the German and international biodiesel markets. The study comes to the conclusion that the trend towards internationalisation is set to continue with an almost exponential growth in biodiesel production and sales.

The report not only examines the production and sales development in the most important countries of the European Union, but also takes the USA and Argentina as well as Malaysia und Indonesia as examples. Furthermore, the close interaction between agriculture on the one hand and the mineral oil industry on the other hand is also revealed.

The trade practices of the most important nations exporting biodiesel are explained, for example the “splash and dash procedure” (B 99) in the USA or the export duty policies of Argentina. These subsidising measures have led to a massive reorientation of biodiesel trade flows and continue to jeopardise the existence of European biodiesel production.

The 26-page report provides a brief overview outlining the international market developments and makes it easier to understand the positioning of the European biodiesel industry.

The author of the study, Patrick Lamers, will present this report on the occasion of the international biofuels conference “Fuels of the Future” organised by the BBE and UFOP in Berlin in January 2012: http://event.bioenergie.de/

The report is available for free as a download.